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~Jordan Garcia (Contestant)  Thanks Talent America. Wouldn't be where I am without out you. Movin' on up!

~Scott Abrahamse -(parent)  Thank you so much for believing in Ethan and allowing him to showcase his talent in NYC. We hope to see you again soon ☺

~Diane Parese Holland - (Take 3 Talent)  So excited to have seen Bilaal (a kid from my dad's home town!) perform at Talent America and now we signed him at Take 3 -- awesome!

~RacquelChris Garcia (parent) I could not be more proud as his mom. Thanks to TinaMarie Holland and Garrett for this amazing platform. We are Talent America Colorado and Talent America proud!

~Bob Marks  ( Vocal Coach, Conductor, Director, Composer) I've always been proud to be associated with Talent America, and happy that TinaMarie and Garrett have not only moved the organization forward, but continue to innovate and improve the work of their predecessors. The enthusiasm and encouragement of this organization is what sets it apart.

~Shawn Ashcroft  (Talent Africa) Thank You TinaMarie Holland we at Talent Africa A family of performers are proud to be associated with your competition

~Christine Yoshikawa (parent)  NYC was so incredible! With heartfelt thank you to Talent America, TinaMarie Holland Garrett Steele and Bob Marks for an amazing and inspirational experience. Thank you also to The Jackson County Floridan @JCFLoridan for the amazing news coverage. Thank you all so much! We are blessed!

~Leanka Laubscher (Contestant)  Amazing moments!! Thank you Talent America

~Kellie Sellers: (Dance Teacher) It was so amazing to meet so many talented dancers from other parts of the country and the world. Here is a beautiful picture of a dancer from Colorado and a dancer #dancefamily #makingnewfriends #friendlycompetition #competitionkindness#marylanddancers #coloradodancers #tanationals2017

~Tricia Wadsworth Lay (Parent) This is such an amazing opportunity to put your talent in front of people in the industry you can make a difference for your career! Thank you TinaMarie Holland and Garrett Steele for providing this opportunity!!

~Cristen Dickson Nelson (Parent) Talent America was a lot of fun! But this momma is exhausted! Thank you TinaMarie Holland and Garrett Steele for putting together a great program! Y'all are hands on and I like that!

~LIVE STREAM: RacquelChris Garcia (parent) Oh my gosh this makes my heart full. There are so many people all over the world that have supported my son and now they can see him. All without the stress of me having to film it. Thank you so much Talent America!!!

Christina Leonardi  At Talent America, I had the incredible opportunity to do what I love in front of people who share the same passion as me, while also being taken seriously as an artist who can work in the business. I expected to be seen by a panel of judges and hoped that one would be interested in working with me, however I ended up speaking with six different agents/managers/freelance companies/etc. Because of Talent America, I was able to land a job walking in Brooklyn Fashion week after talking with Drew Felton, a modeling judge. I continue to keep in touch with the people who were interested in working with me as well as with Karen Wagner and Rob Iovanna, the people who got me to TA. Both of them guided me through the process, helping me select all of my acting and modeling material, as well as stand by my side throughout the whole thing. I would not have had these incredible opportunities without them and can't express enough how talented they are at what they do. I would recommend TA for anyone who is passionate about the arts and is looking to work in the business. It is a phenomenal opportunity. 

 ~Nicole Proto  Talent America was an absolutely incredible experience. Between the preliminary, preparations for New York, and actually being there was a trip away from reality. This competition not only made dreams come true but it was also a learning experience. Some of us were able to communicate and maybe even sign with the top agencies in the industry. Overall, my experience at Talent America was an unforgettable one and I can’t wait to go back

~ Allison Dobkins  I competed at the 2015 Talent America show in NYC and had a great time! Tina And Garrett really can connect you to the people who can make all the difference in your career. I am now signed with two NYC Talent Agencies and interviewing with 2 others. I recently was cast as an extra in Katie Holmes' new movie "All We Had." Talent America truly is a venue which can elevate your life and career and is a great opportunity to learn and grow in anything you want to do. Great friendly staff and many talented competitors made it a weekend to remember! Thanks for all you have done, and continue to do, for myself and other talented people.