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If a contestant is unable to attend a Talent America Preliminary, they can compete at one of the official TA Sanctioned Events listed below. Each of the Sanctioned Events will be awarding Qualifying Award Certificates to the Talent America National Finals in NYC. Performers who receive a Qualifying Award Certificate do NOT have to qualify at a TA preliminary, (a savings of $85)

This certificate allows them to go to the NYC Talent America National Finals once they submit their paperwork and payment for the National Finals.

We are excited to share our list of our Sanctioned Talent America Preliminary Events...the following companies offer amazing opportunities to all of their participants. Please visit their websites and make plans to attend one of their events.
Additional information on each Sanctioned Event posted below quick reference links.

Amazing Beauties and Cuties

Artistic Dance Exchange

Atlantic Seaboard Beauty Pageant

Little MIss Citrus

North America Pageants

NY/NJ Perfect Pageants

Road to Broadway Mini Dance Competition

Southern Dixie Dolls

Star Catchers Dance Competition

Star Jewel Pageants

Amazing Beauties & Cuties LLC
A little about Amazing Beauties & Cuties...My name is Tammy Gielniak and I got involved in pageantry with my daughter, Isabella, almost 12 years ago.  For many years I had wanted to start my own pageant system in Michigan incorporating everything that I thought was positive about pageants.  After my mom passed away I decided it was time to stop talking and start doing what I had been talking about for so long and Amazing Beauties & Cuties was born.  The first pageant only had about 10 contestants, but I did not cancel.  I ran it just as if there were 100 contestants and gave out everything I said I would.  The next pageant had a few more kids, the next ones more and more.  I will always give away what I say I will give away.  I do not prorate.  I pride myself on running a fun and fair pageant.  In fact, I have a suggestion box in case you have any helpful ideas--I am always looking for ways to make this system even better.  I like to personalize the experience for the contestants.  I also love surprises!  I utilize a variety of judges from both in and out of state.  You will never see relatives or coaches of contestants judging.  I also train my judges.  The judges also come from a variety of backgrounds.  Sometimes they are even modeling and casting agents--ABC royalty and ambassadors have appeared on television, in music videos and commercials, and on the big screen. You will see helpful comments on score sheets.  You will never see "pretty girl, nice smile. 7".  Obviously everyone wants to win.  While everyone can't win, there is no reason everyone can't leave feeling like they won; and although it sounds cliche, if a child performed on stage in front of everyone, they should feel like they won because that is an accomplishment!  I encourage the contestants to cheer on and support their fellow competitors regardless of  coaching affiliation.   Because I believe pageants should be about promoting positive self esteem ALL contestants will be called up for their special moment on stage at crowning.  If you ever have any questions or concerns about anything please ask me-- please do not listen to second hand information.  Lastly, I hope that ABC will be on your list of the must-do pageants.  
The Mission of Amazing Beauties & Cuties: 
To build self confidence and character in its contestants, make them feel empowered to achieve their goals and dreams, and show every contestant that they are special in their own unique way.

Artistic Dance Exchange

An International Event For Dancers...Created by Borona Arts Entertainment, LLC.
Artistic Dance Exchange is a platform for establish, novice an upcoming artists with ARTISTIC FREEDOM.  ADE generates platforms for artists to EXCHANGE ideas, concepts and evolve together in the world of dance and performing arts.  ADE is The Only Dance Convention & Competition in the US to offer an International Scholarship Program.  ADE collaborates with different kinds of artists: top-notch dance choreographers, designers and Industry Professionals to coach and inspire YOUNG ARTISTS with highly visual theatrical productions. 

Atlantic Seaboard Beauty Pageant

Bio Posted soon

New York’s New Jersey’s Perfect Modeling Competition is designed for all young women, (ages 10-12, 13-15, 16-19, 20-29 and 30 and beyond) across the United States who love the stage and want to hold a state title and carry this new found celebrity status to a professional modeling or acting career. New York’s New Jersey’s Perfect Modeling Competition is an outlet for you to achieve success and realize your dreams! 

The system is in search of beautiful, articulate young ladies who turn heads in a crowded room, maybe for her beauty, articulation, style, dedication to community service, humor, talent, or that indescribable “it” factor. New York’s New Jersey’s Perfect Modeling Competition is looking for Beauty, Communication Skills, and Grace. It is that simple, are you New York’s or New Jersey’s Perfect PreTeen, Junior Teen, Teen, Miss or Woman?
The system welcomes young ladies who have competed in all major systems. The State Director has worked with every major system and values each mission. What sets New York’s New Jersey’s Perfect Modeling Competition apart from the others? We allow the individual to create her reign, whether it be beauty driven, community service, talent, spokesperson, or print/runway…
 You Define Perfection!
No experience necessary.  No talent competition.

North America Pageants
The W.A.C North American Pageant will be held in March 2019! The location will be at the Whitehall Athletic Club located at 62 Poultney Street Whitehall, New York 12887. This pageant is open to all states including Canada and Mexico. We will be crowning the following titles:  
Tiny Miss North American (Ages 4-8)  Little Miss North American (Ages 9-12)  Teen North American (Ages 13-19)  Miss North American (Ages 20-30)
Ms. North American (Ages 30+)  Mrs. North American (Ages 18+) (married)

Road to Broadway Mini Dance Competition

Janet LaCava, resides in Pennsylvania, but lived in New York City until 1992. She began teaching dance in 1973.
Janet trained at New York City schools, such as the Joffrey Ballet School (scholarship recipient), Phil Black's, Broadway Dance Center, to name a few, in ballet, tap, jazz, acrobatics, ballroom and fitness.
Many of her students have careers in major ballet companies, professional theater, television, theme parks, cruise ships, Radio City Music Hall, Las Vegas, and other dance venues, as well as dance teachers, studio owners and choreographers. Many of her students have graduated from top college dance programs such as Julliard, N.Y. University, Point Park University, and University of the Arts, in addition to many other.
Ms. LaCava performed professionally in night clubs, musical theater, and special events for major New York professional sports teams, on television, for the armed forces, plus has choreographed for regional ballet companies, theater productions and competitions, and winning several choreography awards at national dance competitions.
Janet ran her own successful dance academy, for 15 years, before retiring from studio ownership, after which she continued to teach dance at area dance schools. She also was a guest teacher at other schools until her full retirement in January of 2017.

Southern Dixie Dolls2019 Pageants. Whether this is your first pageant or you are a veteran, The Southern Dixie Dolls Pageant is an all NATURAL Beauty Pageant with purpose. We are looking for young ladies/gentlemen that are confident, personable, friendly, outgoing, and most importantly a role model for other young ladies/gentlemen to look up to.   
 We are excited about what the future holds and excited that you have decided to become part of history by joining as the first contestants of the Southern Dixie Dolls Beauty Pageant. Best wishes on your adventure and Good Luck!
 Tamara Marshall & Sundee Guffey

SDD Pageant Directors

StarCatchers Dance

Thank you to all the teachers, parents and dancers for the encouraging words each season- it is so greatly appreciated. For over 10 years, our commitment to you is to inspire, motivate and encourage kids in dance – and we prove just that. Adapting to changes in dance as well as the priorities of studios and their dancers remains our focus and why StarCatchers is the ultimate in dance competitions. Our sponsors supply gifts and scholarships which adds another element of excitement for your dancers.   StarCatchers positive atmosphere encourages the kids to grow technically, artistically and personally. We have teaching, adjudicating and dance experience and are proud to provide a competition that is fair, fun, and professionally organized for all involved.
Make sure you join StarCatchers competition to showcase all your talented competitors! Dancers should be proud of their accomplishments, awarded for their successes and take home memories to last a lifetime.
Happy Dancing,
Sylvia & Lynette
StarCatchers 2019 continues to Encourage* Inspire *Motivate Dancers!

StarJewel Showcase
Extends a Special Invitation
Join us for an event created to encourage and inspire you.
Since 2008, our founder has hosted and organized arts contests for thousands of contestants. In 2010, her creative team received international recognition from highly acclaimed Maxis and Electronic Arts.
In 2012, operations were moved to Ohio and the idea for StarJewel Showcase was born. Our showcase began as an arts contest. Our initial goal was to promote and feature undiscovered talent in youth through competitive events. 
StarJewel Showcase has since blossomed to include a natural pageant for all ages - we want the natural you to shine! Our pageant focuses on building your confidence, poise, and presence on stage. We strive to encourage your abilities and your achievements.
We welcome all ages. Our events consist of “Required Events” and “Optional Events”. We offer twelve different optionals and five different side awards. Optional Events include our exclusive Talent Optionals consisting of seven different categories of competition. 
Tere are so many opportunities to win wonderful awards and prizes. Nobody walks away from our event empty handed!
We are a wonderful pageant system for the first timer. Our free workshop will show you exactly what you need to know before you compete. We want you to feel confident before you ever step foot on stage. Enter today, we can’t wait to meet you and welcome you to the StarJewel Family.
Contact Us

Mailing Address: P. O. Box 207
Sugar Grove, OH 43155
Main Office: (888) 505-6908
For faster service email us: pageants@starjewelshowcase.com