General Rules and Regulations

To participate in the Talent America National Finals, you must first qualify at either a Talent America Preliminary Competition, TA

Sanctioned Event, or as a Contestant-At-Large. Click here for How to Participate

Talent America has Talent performances  & Modeling performances

TALENT consists of  five divisions, Acting, Dance, Songwriting, Variety, and Vocal.  Within each of those 5 divisions are categories.  

As long as a talent qualifies in the specific Talent division in which they are entered, ie…acting, regardless of the category they performed in, they are eligible to enter any and all acting categories at the National Finals that are applicable and within the Nationals guidelines and specifications.  If a contestant performs more than once in a category or division, the contestant’s highest score will be used to calculate placement.  Click here for Preliminary Divisions         Click here for National Finals Divisions

MODELING consists of two divisions** at the preliminary level, Male Runway and Female Runway.  There are four divisions at the National Finals, Male Runway, Female Runway, Male Print and Female Print.  As long as a model qualifies in their modeling division regardless of category, they are eligible to enter any and all modeling categories at the National Finals that are applicable to them and fall within the National Finals guidelines and specifications. Click here for Preliminary Divisions   
Click here for National Finals Divisions

AGE GROUPS:  3-5, 6-8, 9-11, 12-14, 15-17, 18-24, 25-39, 40 +

The performer’s age group for preliminaries is determined by their age on the first day of the preliminary event.

The performer’s age group for Nationals is determined by their age on the first day of Nationals.

The age of a group, 2 or more, for preliminaries is determined by the *average age, on the first day of the preliminary event.

The age of a group, 2 or more, for Nationals is determined by the *average age on the first day of Nationals.

AGES:  To reach the average age of an entry, add all the ages together and divide by the number of contestants in the entry.  When an average ends in .5 or above, you must round up to the next age.  Names and birthdates of all contestants must appear on the entry form or it will not be accepted.  All competing contestants must be prepared to present their birth certificate as proof of age should a question arise.  All ages are of the competition date.  For National competition, age as of First Day of Competition, regardless of age group contestant qualified in.

MUSIC: Each competition routine must be submitted electronically as an mp3 as well as on a separate, high quality cd or loaded on contestant’s mp3 player/computer/phone.  CD’s must have Contestant name, studio name, title of performance routine and entry #.  Please have a back up cd for each entry.  All preliminary music must be submitted during registration on the day of the event.  All National Final’s music must be sent electronically to 2 weeks prior to the event

JUDGING:   A panel of qualified, competent judges will judge all performances.  All contestants, teachers, coaches and parents agree that the method of judging shall be solely within the discretion of the directors of Talent America and that all decisions of the judges and Talent America directors are final.

*At a preliminary, any protest must be in writing, signed and received by the area director within 30 minutes of the performance in question and at least 30 minutes prior to awards.  At The National Finals, all protests would be made to Talent America Directors.

*Judges and/or Talent America reserve the right to change the performers’ category if the performance is deemed to have been entered improperly.

*All participants and observers agree to conduct themselves in a manner displaying good sportsmanship.  Unsportsmanlike conduct may result in disqualification.

*All routines/performances must be appropriate for family viewing and listening including but not limited to language and lyrical content, monologues, copy, scripts, etc.  Any routine(s)/performance(s)that are at all questionable as to content being objectionable and/or suitable for family audiences must be presented to and approved by Talent America National Headquarters 30 days prior to performance.  Any performance(s) in violation of this policy may be subject to disqualification.  Such decision is made at the sole discretion and interpretation of Talent America Headquarters or Talent America personnel authorized to make said decision.

PROPS: ABSOLUTELY no glitter, no confetti, or liquid of any kind is allowed on stage (water, paint, etc.) No pyrotechnics allowed.  Throwing of any item off the front of the stage is prohibited.  You are encouraged to please use discretion as to the size and quantity of props keeping in mind that space is limited in the backstage areas of some venues. Only those props that can be carried on by the performer and/or performer's assistant, are vital to the act, and that do not require extensive set up/tear down are allowed. Mats will be allowed if necessary (not provided) but are subject to the same set up/tear down time limits as all other props.

*In Dance Division: Production props must be in place within 2 minutes and cleared from the stage in 1 minute.

*Props for all other solo, duet/trio or group acts must be in place within 1 minute and cleared from the stage in 30 seconds.

Hint: If the use of power tools is necessary on stage to set up your prop, you should probably reconsider. Any prop which damages the performance venue in any way due to, but not limited to, dragging, weight, sharp points, etc., shall be banned from future use, and the act for which it was used may be disqualified. Studio owners/directors, performer(s), and/or parent(s) of minor performers may be held liable for any such damage

*Performers requiring microphones must use Talent America mics: No additional sound equipment or microphones may be used or connected to Talent America’s sound system without Talent America’s approval. All Acts/performers must make Talent America aware of all stage requirements such as mics, stand(s), piano/keyboard etc.  Pianos are generally not available at events.  Please contact your Area Director or Talent America Headquarters for your specific event.

PHOTOGRAPHY: Absolutely no video recording is allowed in performance area(s) except at awards ceremonies.  No photography is allowed when an official Talent America photographer(s) is present at the event, except at award ceremonies. Flash photography is never allowed.   The use of video and/or digital recording cameras and devices are at the discretion of the Talent America Area Director.  The use of video recording or unauthorized photography may lead to an entry being disqualified. We urge all studio owners, teachers, and especially parents to keep our performers photographically safe by reporting suspected photographic violations.

* No photography or video-taping in dressing rooms.

*Contestants, parents, family members of contestants, and/or studio directors and/or owners give their permission to the directors and headquarters of Talent America to use their photographs, video, and/or likeness from the time of their arrival at the venue to the time of their departure from the venue for advertising, media, radio, print, promotions, television, webisode(s) or news coverage of Talent America and/or its’ competition(s).

PRELIMINARY DOOR ADMISSION FEE: There is an admission charge for ages 3 & up, children under 3 are free.

Preliminary Registration Deadline: The deadline for all Preliminary Talent America Entry forms and fees is 14 calendar days prior to the event.  Any Preliminary Entry forms and fees that are received within 14 calendar days from the event will be assessed a $10.00 late fee per performance and all late fees must be paid with entry form.   

National Finals Registration Deadline:  The deadline for all National Finals Entry forms and fees is Wednesday June 1st, 2016.  Any National Finals Entry forms and fees that are received after Wednesday June 1st, 2016, will be subject to a $15.00 late fee per performance and all late fees must be paid with entry form.   

*All payment must be made using cash, credit card/debit card, cashier’s check, or money order and are non-refundable, no exceptions.  No refunds.  ABSOLUTELY NO CHECKS ACCEPTED!

*All Entry fees are due in full with entry forms.

*Entry fees are transferable within the same competition year.

*Violation of any rules and regulations, may result in disqualification at the sole discretion of Talent America.

*Competition policies, event schedule, personnel, venue, and judges are subject to change.  Talent America reserves the right to cancel events for any reason.

*Talent America does not guarantee employment, callbacks, or career opportunities deriving from its’ events.The above rules, regulations and requirements apply to Talent America Preliminaries and National Finals.  TA Sanctioned Events might vary from part or all of the above rules, regulations, and requirements as they function under their own rules, regulations, and requirements.  However, Talent America will have approved those differences and ALL CONTESTANTS that qualify for the Talent America National Finals will be subject to all Talent America National Finals rules, regulations, and requirements.


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