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Preliminary Competitions are held throughout the United States and abroad by International Directors at various times of the year.  Please refer to the tabs above for information on a preliminary competition(s) in your area.  At the preliminary competitions contestants will present their 3 minute dance routine, 2:30 vocal solo, 2 minutes for models, 2 minutes for actors, in front of qualified local judges.  Contestants must qualify at the preliminary level in each division in which they desire to compete at Nationals.  Should there not be a preliminary competition held in your area, you may compete at an official sanctioned TA event, or you may enter as a Contestant-At-Large, (See Contestant-At-Large section) or send in a video of your performance to another preliminary,  Contestants do not have to qualify in each of the categories at preliminaries in order to compete in that category at Nationals as long as they DID qualify in that DIVISION at a preliminary, sanctioned event, or as a Contestant-At-Large.  For example:  If a vocalist sings a country song, a pop song, and an inspirational song at a preliminary, as long as the contestant qualifies as a vocalist, regardless of which song/category qualified them, they can choose to compete in ANY vocal category at the National Finals.  If however, that same vocalist also wanted to do a monologue at Nationals, they would have to qualify in the acting division in at least ONE of the acting categories.  Judging is based on certain criteria such as technique, ability, stage performance, entertainment value, commercial appeal, and overall talent. Note: How an act “sees or hears themselves” and how someone in the industry “sees or hears them” is not always the same.  Therefore, it is strongly recommended to show versatility in different divisions AND to give the judges more than one opportunity to “see or hear” you in each of the divisions and categories you have entered.  This is extremely important and cannot be emphasized enough.  It can be the difference in qualifying or not at a preliminary or in the outcome at Nationals.  

Feel free to contact us with any questions you might have or for a registration form.