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If there is not a preliminary competition being held near you,  you may qualify as a Contestant-At-Large.  A Contestant-At-Large would then fill out the Contestant at Large registration form, submit online payment on our Preliminary Payment page and email a performance video link (according to what is appropriate for your talent) to Talent America's headquarters for judging. 

Contestants-At-Large are bound by the same time limits, age groups, divisions, and categories as regular preliminary contestants.  All Contestants-At-Large must also qualify in each division in which they desire to compete at Nationals.  Judging for Contestants-At-Large will be done on a monthly basis beginning in August 2019. for the June 2020 National Finals.

Contestant at Large Registration Forms posted below shortly.

For more information please contact Talent America headquarters directly at  646.937.8282 or talentamericaheadquarters@gmail.com 

All winners and qualifying performers will be eligible for the Talent America National Finals and will be invited to perform at the TA National Finals at their own expense.